Higher education allows not only to form the system of knowledge and skills necessary for further professional activity but also to gain valuable life experience. What does it consist of? How to balance school work and social life in college? How college changed my life?

The first year of college

Here is the guide to college life from our blog. What the college teaches is the following:

Learns to learn

There are different teachers and different disciplines, but in order to pass the test only fifteen minutes after reading the text, you need talent and luck. It took me 2-3 weeks to complete the course to understand it. Yes, I did it with bad marks from several attempts, but in the end, I knew the material well.

Teaches to communicate

In the first year of college life, I realized that skipping lectures and practices is not valuable in college, which means that I need to look for a way that would suit the teacher and me. I found such a way out – to do complicated tasks (an analog of coursework, but without nitpicking to design). I came across really interesting tasks, the implementation of which I was proud of, and this not only provided new knowledge but also brought communication with teachers to a new level.

Another example: communication training with my philosophy teacher. At the time, I passed her course – she was 84! A woman of the old school, a militant atheist who could expel the whole group, regardless of the offerings of flowers and sweets. At the exam, she needed an explanation that you were not a complete ignoramus, and it was very difficult to do it. As for her vast teaching experience, she knew the works of all philosophers almost by heart, and I knew one or two. By the way, as a result, my exam was reduced to a discussion of these two philosophers.

Teaches to work

Yes, dear reader of the college board assist (a blog about college life), it is to work. When you have several tasks to complete, and you just need to take and learn/write a term paper / defend laboratory work.


How without it! The first job, possible internships abroad, international and national conferences, exciting excursions, communication with people close in spirit will be remembered forever. In college, many find truly reliable friends and a soul mate. Funny situations will turn into legends over time and will be passed from mouth to mouth, and bad ones will be erased from memory.

Is college the best time of your life?

A few points I found out from college life video about the first year of college life:

Socialization and communication

Studying at a university is always new acquaintances, friends, and (most importantly) business connections that will undoubtedly be useful to you when looking for a job. Without initiative and enterprise, of course, employers cannot get useful contacts. And you learn to communicate in an adult way, that is, to accept people with all their strengths and weaknesses, to try to find compromises. You also develop the skill of interacting with different people: classmates, fellow students, roommates. If you managed to feel comfortable among teachers and students like you, then communicating will be easy.


For the first semester at a university, you understand that you cannot do without a quick reaction to changes in the situation. Prepare for the test for the break, answer the teacher’s question, which you seem to not know the answer to, finally, organize a fun party. When a problem arises, a graduate of a university always has a well-formed action plan for overcoming the current situation.

Ability to speak The university raises the general level of human education, teaches to absorb knowledge quickly, think, and analyze. As a result of which you express your thoughts more competently and clearly in writing and verbally. And even when an urgent need to formulate an answer, a resourceful student will always be able to concisely and informally state the essence of the question.